April 07, 2005

Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief

I also tried many different careers as a child. For example:

Explorer. ("I believe if we make base camp here, we can reach the summit of the toy closet by sundown.")


Escape Artist ("And now my lovely assistant Sister Serious the Elder will seal me inside the magic cabinet.")

Bullfighter (I still wake up screaming because of this one. Best not stare at it too long.)

Lounge Singer ("For my next number, I'd like to do a little ditty called 'Hot Cross Buns'...in A flat.")

Batman (Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed out after dark, which seriously curtailed my crimefighting activities.)

Broadway dancer ("Jazz hands! Jazz hands!")

Actor (Here I'm re-enacting the Capone baseball bat scene from The Untouchables..."Teamwork. Teamwork.")

And finally, some sort of orange-pajama-clad gunfighter.


  1. That orange suit looks remarkably like the uniforms Blofeld had his men wearing at Piz Gloria in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

    Do you by chance have a black and gold ring bearing an octopus symbol?

  2. No, but I did have a wading pool full of deadly piranha, in case anyone displeased me.

  3. Dammit DS, not ONLY are the pictures cute (barring the bull fighter one - what were your parents thinking?!) but your caption are trillion times more amusing than mine. I will now hang my head and link to your "better captioned" photos.

  4. what are you guys talking about? the bullfighter is the best. you even have the perfectly poised posture for it. if you ask me, you are in the wrong field, dead serious. that is unless you are currently living in pamplona.

  5. irremediable_me9:28 PM

    Love the fireman pic... there's something about a man in uniform! Can I hold your hose for you? :~P

  6. irremediable_me10:20 PM

    The bullfighter pic is really rather disturbing (you warned me, but I couldn't stop at just one quick look... I hope I don't go blind). It looks like you've been hung out to dry on a nail hammered into that tree. Were you used for sword practice by the Banderilleros and the Picadores? (yes, I also read The Story of Ferdinand a gazillion times) Your mom must have loved you way more than mine loved me, because I never got a bullfighter outfit. It's a wonder I'm not in some clocktower somewhere... it's also a wonder that you're not there with me. ;~)

  7. Having recently returned from a vacation in Barcelona, I have to say the BULLFIGHTER outfit is, in a word, outstanding. You are sooooo cute. I'm betting your attitude about it could frighten even the most vicicous bovine on the planet. OLE!