March 19, 2009

Shut Up, Chuck

Someone asked me why I dislike Schumer so much. It really all started with the hearings about the seige at Waco years ago. Schumer was part of the committee and I heard him say the most astonishingly stupid and arrogant thing I had ever heard any politician say.
Anyone who knows anything about these things ["flashbang" grenades] knows they can't [kill, injure, or maim]

Watch from about 3:45-5:45

I have loathed Chuck Schumer ever since. I'm embarrassed to say that he's a senator for my state. "Flashbangs" are explosives. I don't know if anyone's ever died from one, but there have been numerous injuries from them (just do a Google search). If you think they're harmless, watch these two videos. You'll note that the "flashbang" that Schumer thinks is so harmless sets off the alarm in the car across the street.

And the second one:

At one point during the hearings, I believe that Schumer maintained that he could hold a "flashbang" in his hand with no problem (which is why they ask the fellow in the first video above if he would feel comfortable holding it). Clearly, you wouldn't want to do that.

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  1. We think alike, and had the same reaction. I am setting up another of my domains, this one and I ran across your posting. Thanks for finding all this for me!!!