March 09, 2009

Maybe There Are No Accidents...

President Obama, in explaining his decision to reverse (or as the NY Times says "lift the limits of") President Bush's policy on embryonic stem cell research, said: "Medical miracles do not happen simply by accident." Unless, of course, you're talking about Quinine, Smallpox vaccine/vaccinations, X-rays, Insulin, the Pap smear, LSD (once used to treat schizophrenia), discovery of allergies, Viagra, bromide treatment for epilepsy, Botox, Librium, Valium, anti-depressants, anesthesia (Ether/Nitrous Oxide), a virus in the Polio vaccine that led to the p53 gene (which may lead to a breakthrough in cancer discovery and treatment), Medical Marijuana, Interferon, and perhaps the most important medical "miracle" of all: Penicillin.

Think what you want about the issue, but I'm getting tired of the tripe that this man throws out there, and which passes for insightful dialogue.

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