September 22, 2009

Hypocritical Massholes...

Normally, I'd just say "fuck you" because I don't care what happens in Massechusetts, but seeing as it's a senate seat, and the vote could potentially screw things up for all of us, I say "fuck you sideways, you hypocritical bastards...twice."

‘‘Some people say this is political. Of course, it is political,’’ said state Representative Cory Atkins, a Concord Democrat. ‘‘This is the largest domestic vote so far in this century. This vote will be as important as the Social Security vote. This will be as important as the civil rights vote.’’

If it's that important, isn't that all the more reason to give the voters a chance to fill the seat? Isn't it better to be elected, rather than selected? Let's face it, in all likelihood, a special election would fill the seat with a Democrat. It's not about the result; it's about hypocrisy and adhering to the process.

hat tip: Petitedov

UPDATE: You see? This is what happens:
Kirk, 71, a retired lobbyist and lawyer who lives on Cape Cod, raked in a whopping $250,942 in salary and stock options as a board member for Hartford Financial Services, the umbrella for The Hartford, which sells health coverage to retirees.
Until a successor is elected in January, Kirk would wield a critical vote in health insurance and financial industry reforms, raising concerns about potential conflicts.

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