August 03, 2009

I Can't Stop Clicking!!

So I've been absorbed with this website lately: flickchart. There's not much to it, really, but it's addictive. You start out being given a choice between two films. Depending on your choices, flickchart makes a personal ranking for your top movies. You also get information on others' picks, and can discuss the various choices. Sound boring? It's not. And sometimes the choices are easy. But sometimes they're not. I would guess that most people would have no problem choosing between Rocky and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, but is it equally as easy to choose between, say, Die Hard and Raiders of the Lost Ark?

It's not perfect. Since the first several movies you rank create your list, I've found it tough to get some of them off your top 20. Dumb and Dumber was in my top 20 for a loooong time. For the most part, though, it does a fairly accurate job, especially the more choices you go through. For example, I've got just over 1000 decisions, and here's the makeup of my top 20:

  1. The Wrestler
  2. The Professional
  3. Midnight Run
  4. Spider Man
  5. Dark City
  6. Spider Man 2
  7. Young Sherlock Holmes
  8. Deliverance
  9. The Sixth Sense
  10. Jaws
  11. The Bourne Identity
  12. Rocky
  13. Live Free or Die Hard
  14. Caddyshack
  15. Sharky's Machine
  16. Die Hard
  17. Mission Impossible III
  18. Batman Begins
  19. Terminator 2: Judgement Day
  20. Boogie Nights

Some of them should be higher (Jaws, Die Hard) and some lower (The Wrestler, Deliverance), and some are missing (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars), but if these twenty were at a film festival? I'd never leave my seat.

You can create your own profile at, but I understand the waiting list could be a couple of weeks. I, however, have a few invites that I might be enticed into giving away. Make me an offer I can't refuse...


  1. I'm already addicted to twitter. I can't handle another addiction. Or can I?

  2. Are you saying you would like an invite? Cause I most definitely have one with your name on it. (And let's face it...there aren't too many people who share your name, so who else could I give it to?)Send me a regular ol' e-mail with the address to send the invite to.