January 17, 2009

A (Modified) Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Megan Fox is beautiful, no doubt about it, but sometimes even the beautiful get some help. You can see from these two photos the adjustments that were made, most notably removing the edge of the tattoo on her arm, giving her more cleavage, and making her right arm thinner. Here's photo 1:

And the touched up photo 2:

And I put together a little animated GIF file to help you see the changes. (Just click on it.)

It's not often I get to inform AND post pictures of scantily-clad actresses. Life is good.

CLARIFICATION: I'm not the one who made these changes. I'm not sure where or for whom they were taken. My understanding is that the altered image was the one used and the other was the original photo as taken. My point was to show how nit-picky the media can be with their retouching of photos.


  1. Sir, you have too much time on your hands (learning how to Gif a photo and doing it to famous hotties...it just ain't healthy).

  2. Wait...I didn't photoshop it! (Or am I misunderstanding you?) These are the photos as found. I'm assuming the changes were made by whoever used the photos. I just made the gif to show the alterations. (And actually I didn't even do that--I just uploaded them to the gifninja site and they did all the work.)

    That said, I do usually have to much time on my hands.