June 05, 2008

Yeah, That's Right...I Said It!

A little billboard has been causing a stir--first in Pennsylvania, and eventually nationwide.

"Don't believe in God?" it asks. "You are not alone."

Think of it as a sign of the times.

Perhaps it is. This whole free speech thing IS frustrating, after all. It's becoming harder and harder to torture these Godless heathens into recanting without getting flak. And don't even get me started about how difficult it is to slaughter them these days in the name of a loving God.

For fun, read some of the comments after the article linked above.

As you can imagine, this billboard has caused a fit in a number of people out there, which I think goes to show that the much-touted Christian compassion and tolerance aren't all they pretend to be. There's nothing in this message that denigrates believers or is even the slightest bit critical of religion. Apparently, just the idea of like-minded people coming together is enough to scare or offend some people. I mean, it's like they're trying to form some sort of...church?

NOTE: Many of the people I know (and care about) who belong to the various religions are reasonable, very nice people, and I suspect that they wouldn't have much of a problem with said billboard. It's a shame that a select few have to ruin it for the others.

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