May 20, 2008

Hey, I'm a Product of My Generation!

I hate to do back to back television posts, but I always find this time of year to be a sad time for television. I hate hearing which shows have been cancelled--it's like losing old (or new) friends. "Shark," for example. Not the best show on television, but I do like James Woods. Actually, I think "Shark" has fallen prey to the Paula Marshall curse. I love her to death; I really do. I watch all her shows. But the girl is the female Ted McGinley. Any show she is on seems to take a nose dive. (And some of them I really liked, like "Cupid," with Jeremy Piven.) "Snoops," "The Weber Show" (appropriately enough also known as "Cursed"), "Hidden Hills," "Miss Match," "Veronica Mars," and now "Shark."

Anybody hear what other shows have gotten the axe?

*sigh*...I do hate reality shows. Maybe we could get rid of "The Amazing Racing Dancing Survivor Stars in the Big Brother House" and get back to some scripted shows?

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