June 18, 2007

Funniest Quote of the Day

Looks like someone released Michael Moore's new film Sicko to the net. Now, to Moore's credit (Huh. Never thought I'd write that phrase.) he has always said that he approves of downloading films as long as no profit was made by those who post them. That's an easy statement to make, though, when you know that the studios will step up in your place:

Weinstein Co. was "responding aggressively to protect our film," spokeswoman Sarah Rothman said in a statement this weekend. She added: "From our research it is clear that people interested in the (health care) movement are excited to go to the theater so they can be part of the experience and fight to reform health care."
Yeah...they want free health care, but free movies? Nope, apparently they'd rather hit the theater for "the experience" of those overpriced tickets and concessions.

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